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Export of second-hand clothes

For 30 years now, TESSO has been one of the leaders in recycling of clothing in Poland.

We recycle second-hand clothing and textiles in Poland and also for our foreign customers.

We export ready-made clothes in a diverse range of textile products from the aftermarket, which are carefully sorted by our experienced staff. During the sorting process we select products according to the requirements of individual customers which lets us sell products that are compliant with the specifications based on our customers’ preferences. Apart from the good quality of our products, we also offer a wide range of them, like second-hand clothes for men, women and children, bags, belts, toys, quilts, sheets, towels, curtains and shoes. We offer over 100 products which are packed in universal small bales of 45 kg or big bales of around 400 kg.

Thanks to the engagement of many people, we managed to achieve a long-term and stable cooperation with our business clients from the European, African or Asian markets. We are a reliable, flexible and trustworthy supplier for our customers. Our work is also our passion and satisfaction of clients is our top priority.

Our goal is to make sure that our goods meet the expectations of our clients. We are ready to start cooperation with your company and build a firm, long-lasting, partner relationship. Thanks to our experience in the international trade of second-hand clothing, we ensure quick and efficient organization of shipment and lading, and an express preparation of all the necessary export documents. We are also prepared for all kinds of controls connected with the shipment to the countries with stricter import regulations. Our commodities are always properly packed and secured.



Małgorzata Beim-Pietniczka  

GSM : +48 571 296 404

e-mail : exportimport@tesso.pl