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Second-hand clothing – wholesale

Tesso company is one of the leaders on the Polish market of second-hand clothing owing to 20 years of experience.


We have a complex of grading plants, in which specialized staff ensures the highest quality of the stock on our offer. During the grading process such products are selected that they meet specific standards. Thus, we eliminate damaged, stained, old or unfashionable products. Only the products of the best quality are offered for sale.


Our company has 70 groups of various stock on offer available for sale in six wholesale centres localized in Zblewo, Gdynia, Olsztyn, Toruń, Białystok and Łomża. Weekly deliveries of new product ensure that the offer is fresh and follows the newest trends. Additionally, the dynamic rotation of the goods allows us to quickly react and adapt to the Clients’ needs.


Second-hand clothing that we offer:

  • women’s blouses
  • jumpers
  • sportswear
  • men’s shirts
  • jackets (for spring, summer and winter)
  • children’s wear
  • jeans
  • women’s skirts
  • swimsuits
  • sweaters
  • shorts
  • women’s tail-coats
  • coats
  • dresses
  • belts and bags
  • shoes
  • cotton wiping cloth
  • German stock of the best quality divided into 5 types: blouses, jackets, sweaters, mix of sportswear and children’s wear


Our many years of experience of working with Scandinavia has allowed us to organize our own collections of clothing in the biggest cities of Sweden. Cheap second-hand clothing delivered directly to the Client straight from Scandinavia is another important aspect of our attractive offer.


Moreover, we have our own transport base, so we can deliver bigger amounts of the product directly to the Client.